Untold Stories Old

David's home in Dorchester. If you want to live long don't live here.

David's backyard and playground filled with condoms, rusted our cars and broken bottles.

Dorchester looks better at night.

Katmandu guesthouse in Nepal.

Gurkha village home of David's partners.

Hash route overland.

Cannabis farm in Nepal.

The best Nepali hash.

Mixing it up with interpol and DEA.

Spiritual hashish advisory in Swayambu.

Cannabis farm in Colombia 20,000 hectares 50 ton field.

Choco Farm Re Harvest.

Cannabis farmers in Choco.

Jungle headquarters for smuggling operation.

Indian farmers.

Down river to freighter.


Beautiful Musica Indian woman.



5 million in cash on board, lost an outdrive, coast guard towed me in.

50 pound bales.

10 tons of cannabis ready for transport.

After much deliberation DEA burns 37 tons of pot seized from Helena Star.

David spent four months here under the watch of neo nazi mercenaries.

David's home in Marin County.

David's 120 acre home in Hollister Ranch.

Ainge hanging out at the ranch.

David's favorite off shore boat - Two Chevy 350 LT1. Outdrive & outran the coast guard.

David and his best friend, Ainge, on their way to the international shipping lanes.

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